An in-depth analysis of the key advantages of inteliPod® within the security for construction and events sector. inteliPod® has numerous key benefits over traditional access control systems such as biometric turnstiles. Here are 4 of the key features why inteliPod is the new era of access control.

Access Control with Virtual Management Solutions

inteliPod® offers the optimum solution to in site access, virus control and anti-contamination technology. This is combined, with time management and work attendance software to ensure your employees arrive on time and ready for work. In addition to the inteliPod®, IPM Group offers an additional safeguard in a Virtual Management Solution (VMS) option to forward-looking organisations, ensuring their level of protection is maximised.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology capabilities at IPM Group, our state-of-the-art VMS facility allows us to manage physical surveillance tasks as well as a whole host of additional features, remotely from our Head Office based Control Centre, reducing the need and cost for onsite security personnel.

The inteliPod® VMS system offers a fully automated, remote site solution to your business’s needs. From the first point of contact and processing for your site employees, visitors and deliveries to safety and security. The VMS system will communicate all site safety & security-critical events detected such as high-temperature alerts, panic alarm activations, tailgating, low sanitiser misting fluid levels, intruder alerts, CCTV detections and fire alarms straight through to the site management team. The site management team will then take the necessary actions, working with the IPM Group Mobile Patrol, Response Services, and the Emergency Services.

At IPM Group, we can manage all of your business admin and logistical issues from our state-of-the-art monitoring station, with services ranging from remote online pre-enrolment for staff and visitors, staff on-line inductions, worker health & safety audits and expiry, booking in deliveries, reporting, handling communications, monitoring the screening of staff, contractors and visitors and the ability to remove and/or revoke employee site access locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

To analyse performance, site Management can select from a whole range of bespoke reports which are automated to daily, weekly, monthly frequencies. These include Time & Attendance, Co2 reporting, and provides proof of employees’ attendance and hours of work. A full interrogation of data is available to allow monitoring of staff, contractors, and suppliers.

Delivery Management Software

Efficiency and streamlining are imperative to optimised and productive site. We believe the best solution to streamline your delivery and departure processes are by tracking the schedule with a Delivery Management System (DMS). DMS is predominantly a system where contractors can log delivery bookings and departures, which can be used across many industries and sectors to manage and coordinate the entire booking and delivery process.

In addition to the IPM Group inteliPod® VMS service, we offer further streamlining through our Delivery Management System (DMS), Zone Manager. Zone Manager goes far beyond other booking systems, by being a real-time management tool used to control events as they happen, such as arrivals and departures, highlighting when unplanned activity occurs minimising wasted time rescheduling. Its in-built intelligence means that double bookings are automatically avoided.

By using a customisable and configurable delivery management system, such as Zone Manager, offers a solution to notable construction site challenges. Such as the 8 o’clock gate queues, piles of materials you do not require yet and wasted administrative time spent emailing sub-contractors.

Zone Manager is an online portal for project managers, site supervisors and contractors alike. Zone Manager improves the ability to manage deliveries to site, avoid delivery slot clashes and keep the project on course from day one, therefore, your construction team can focus on the job in hand. Our customers confirm this service saves them time and resources in employing a dedicated person or logistics contractor.

Facial Recognition Technology & Temperature Scanner

As users initially approach the inteliPod® they will be greeted with two touchless points of screening and identification. The inteliPod® utilises state-of-the-art technology to give an early warning against coronavirus and other contagious illness sufferers from entering your site. The temperature scanner and facial recognition upon arrival, nullifies the risk of contaminating the entry point. This also quashes the need for covid marshals, commercial cleaners and/or on site security personnel.

Consequently, the inteliPod® vastly improves and safety and security for construction sites and allows entry on to site by completely touchless, by utilising facial and body temperature scanning, therefore, eliminating the unwelcome practice of ‘shared’ cards, fobs, mobile phones or touch biometric units, likely to spread harmful illnesses and or viruses. The individual is assessed within one second, to ensure they are approved to enter site, that their body temperature is at a safe level and ensuring they are wearing PPE face mask.

Beating the covid mask challenge; our facial recognition technology has adapted to work regardless, and the use of a mask does not stop our system from identifying someone. Furthermore, for those sites requiring personnel to wear face masks, our system can be set to raise an alarm for anyone trying to enter who is not wearing a face mask.

Irrespective of whether the danger of COVID-19 is still present or not in the future, ill- health-related productivity loss costs the British Economy on average £92bn a year. A fully touchless site access unit presents solutions to many other illness cases that may affect your business, be it sickness bugs or the common flu, allowing your staff to continue on schedule. Furthermore, once used, the inteliPod® has an automatic, built-in sanitising misting system. The internal area will be self-cleansed at pre-determined intervals, keeping the inteliPod virus free. Perfect for high-volume footfall units and crowd control solutions.

Independent Networking

The inteliPods® versatility shines through on a range of different site sizes depending on the individual business’s requirements. On larger sites, due to its built-in independent networking technology, multiple inteliPods® can be linked together on site with existing CCTV systems to increase footfall flow and reduce tailgating. As opposed to traditional biometric turnstiles which require a customer network; therefore, the unit must be within 90 metres of the network, thus, limiting the placement of the unit. Furthermore, due to inteliPods® independent network, any worries about data integrity can be left to IPM Groups, Virtual Management System, which takes the responsibility of recording and storing data. Traditionally, sites bare the dilemma of once they have equipped conventional biometric turnstiles, they then incur the burden digitally recording and storing of all biometric data, as well as planning the security around this data.

These are just 4 examples of how inteliPod® can help construction sites both large and small increase safety and offer security solutions. To find out more about inteliPod®, and how it can help you increase productivity and peace of mind. Enquire now, speak to one of our sales representatives and get a free quote today!