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Rapid Deployment of Temporary Security Systems

We design and install the next generation of bespoke Temporary Security Systems to protect our clients’ sites, equipment and assets.

We use the latest home office approved temporary security systems including our Analytical Detection CCTV Systems that detect human and vehicle movement alongside our CCTV Towers and Wireless Technology. Our Thermal Imaging cameras can detect intruders at long distances which is ideal for larger sites.

We install cameras on cabins, towers, or existing buildings to achieve the required angles to fully protect each and every site. All of our temporary security systems are designed, installed, maintained and monitored directly by our highly trained staff. We will assign a response unit to each site. In the event of an intruder, we will dispatch our team to the site and investigate.

All of our temporary security systems are linked to IPM’s state-of-the-art monitoring station whereby actions are carried out by our highly trained operatives. Our monitoring software has many unique features including the ability to record all the operators’ actions providing an extremely detailed report of all actions taken which is stored for a minimum of 6 months.

A 15-second clip of the cause of the activation loads up on the alarm screen when processed, this ensures the operatives can give a  clear description to response teams and the police if it is a true alarm situation.

View our entire range of temporary security systems below.

Ability to monitor large areas with a range of 200 metres

Long-range thermal intruder detection

Audible warning device which in addition deploys security personnel

99.8% accurate in tracking human and vehicle movement

Device includes numerous anti-tamper mechanisms


This next-generation software can detect people up to 1km away ensuring where the line of sight is achieved we can identify persons quickly and efficiently.

This is an example of a low-resolution standard analogue camera. As you can see the intelligent analytic software easily identifies a person which is in the field of view (99.8% accuracy).

The software once programmed can understand site perimeters’ difference between vehicles, animals and moving bushes/trees.

The system is designed to remove the majority of false alarms, which in turn removes any complacency or human error factors whilst being monitored.


It can sometimes be difficult to maintain security at remote or temporary locations such as construction sites. Often there are no fixed means of communication or power sources, so keeping an eye on what goes on when the site isn’t manned is a challenge. Our temporary security systems have been purpose built designed and built to solve such issues as these. 

With a 9m tower and a full tilt-pan-zoom camera with a range of 110m, it’s easy to monitor large areas. With a link to a monitoring station, anything suspicious can be reacted to by issuing a live audible warning via the public address system, alerting the local police, or deploying dedicated private security personnel to attend the site.

The inteliTower is the first generation to be equipped with UK home Office approved analytical detection technology. The system is designed to remove the majority of false alarms, which in turn removes any complacency or human error factors whilst being monitored. The system tracks human and vehicle movement and is 99.8% accurate.

The inteliTower unit includes numerous anti-tamper mechanisms so you can be sure that the integrity of your security monitoring will remain intact. All our CCTV systems are compliant with BS8418:2015.

Temporary security systems


24/7 CCTV Monitoring – We are one of the first companies in the UK that provide Access Control, Security and Fire Protection which is all monitored from our state-of-the-art in-house Monitoring station 24/7 365 days a year.

After close of business, we will assume control of the security arrangements for your business or premises.

When any internal or external alarms and motion detectors are activated, live images of the incident that triggered the alarm will automatically be forwarded to our security monitoring facility.

Our fully trained CCTV monitoring operatives will act on pre-determined procedures (set by you, the client), which may include verbally challenging any potential intruders and/or contacting the police, emergency services and our Response Units.


Wireless Interceptor is a state-of-the-art communications technology detection system provided, installed and remotely monitored by IPM Group.

This product and service are ideal for businesses who cannot afford the heavy installation costs of an on-site CCTV system but would like the peace of mind of their business being monitored 24/7 by a temporary security system.

These alarm units with in-built cameras can be installed almost anywhere without the need for power or the internet. The product is ideal for construction sites, warehouses, derelict buildings and much more.

The alarm signal from the active infrared Intruder-Detection System will be immediately transmitted to our monitoring station. The monitoring station will receive a 10-second video clip from the activated camera, and our trained operatives will view the pictures transmitted, evaluate the cause of activation and, if necessary, will contact local police and a designated key holder. The 10-second digital recording of the activity as seen by the wireless Alarm-Cam will be available by request, for subsequent evaluation by the client and the police, if appropriate.

The wireless interceptor is a cost-effective way of protecting businesses and is rapidly growing in popularity. We have introduced a rental-only option for this service, which removes installation fees.


Secure your business with our state-of-the-art Bluetooth padlocks, giving you control to manage access to secure areas anywhere in the world via your smartphone.

The Bluetooth Padlock provided and supported by IPM is great for securing your business. The device not only secures your premise but enables flexibility to allow guests and authorized persons onto your premise. One key aspect is that IPM’s control room would be able to provide the override combination to authorities such as the Police should they need access to pursue a potential intruder should a key holder not be present.

Key Features
Works with iOS & Android
Metal Construction
Tamper Alert
Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism
Battery Jump Function
Low Battery Indicator
Low Battery Notifications
Monitor Access & Receive Tamper Alerts


Mobile Patrols

24/7 Protection and Rapid Response Services. IPM Group’s Mobile Patrol Units will inspect your premises ensuring that it is safe and secure throughout non-business hours.

Our teams are on patrol 7 days a week 365 days of the year including public holidays.

Our Patrol Units will visit your site at random intervals with no discernible pattern thus reducing the chances of your business being targeted by criminals.

Key Holding

Key holding

Key Holding, on hand to respond to security and fire alarms out of hours.

IPM Group’s Key Holding Service brings peace of mind to business owners. Have you ever experienced an intruder or fire activating your alarm while you are not there?

IPM Group have a rapid response time and we guarantee to always to turn up regardless of the weather. IPM Group have 4×4 vehicles for bad weather conditions so we never let our client down. IPM Group’s Key Holding Services area of service is Nationwide.


For more information or to discuss anything further, please get in touch.

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