Unite Students is one of the nation’s leading providers of student properties, providing homes for 74000 students, across 25 cities. Unite Students recently undertook two major projects, an extensive refurbishment on an existing site in the heart of Manchester and a brand-new flagship student accommodation in central London. Long-time supporters of inteliPod and experienced construction firm RG Group are heading up the construction of these landmark projects, whilst utilising the inteliPod on both projects to keep these sites safe & secure.


The Projects

Parkway Gate – Manchester

Unite Students Parkway Gate student accommodation is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment, this luxury property in Manchester will be an ideal choice for students from both The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. This state-of-the-art property will provide 754 purpose-built homes for students and will feature a karaoke room, a cinema room, common rooms with study facilities and more. Immersed in the vibrant Manchester city centre alongside amazing music venues, this state-of-the-art apartment block positions students to get the best out of their university experience!

Middlesex Street – London

Located in the heart of central London and built on the location of a 16th-century Playhouse, this state-of-the-art property will feature a performance and exhibition area, a cinema room, common rooms with study facilities and more. The 24-storey development will provide 920 purpose-built homes for students in one of London’s most popular areas. Providing accommodation in a perfect location for students King’s College London.

Increasing on-site efficiency and safety with the use of inteliPod’s Virtual Management Solution

Thanks to the advanced technology capabilities at IPM Group, our state-of-the-art Virtual Management facility allowed us to manage physical surveillance tasks for RG Group remotely from our Head Office based Control Centre, reducing the need and cost for onsite security personnel.

Monitoring, Managing and Handing all Critical Events

RG Group opted to utilise this state-of-the-art feature on their two recent Unite Student sites, allowing a fully automated first point of contact for their site employees, visitors, and deliveries. Throughout the project, the VMS system has been communicating all site safety-critical events detected such as high-temperature alerts, panic alarm activations, tailgating, low misting fluid levels, intruder alerts, CCTV detections and Fire alarms straight through to our dedicated VMS team in the control centre for the necessary action to be taken.

100% Pre-enrolment & Induction Off-Site

The pre-enrolment and induction feature of our VMS system was utilised on this project to ensure RG Group’s contractors entered the site efficiently and safely throughout the project. Our virtual managers called new starters in advance of them starting work, ensuring that they were pre-enrolled and arrived at work on their first day, ready to go. Our customers have confirmed this service on average saves them around £32,000 per annum and 2-3 days of admin time every week helping them to increase productivity and focus their attention on the job at hand!