Andrew Scott began work in early 2021 on the expansion of a large-scale commercial production plant in South Wales. South Wales-based construction firm, Andrew Scott Ltd, drove this ambitious project forward with the use of IPM Group’s, access control innovation, the inteliPod, ensuring safe operations throughout the project despite the covid-19 pandemic.

The project

A large European manufacturer recently invested in a state-of-the-art expansion of their existing South Wales production site. With the planned investment, soaring demand from the UK consumer market could be met, with a plan to double production capacity of the existing site. Moreover, the expansion is set to create a significant number of jobs within the region, bolstering the local economy.

Work began in February 2021 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, presenting significant challenges to both this project and the construction sector as a whole. The team at Andrew Scott Ltd reached out to the highly regarded leaders in the field of access control, IPM Group. Interested in utilising the most recent development in their access control range, inteliPod. A state-of-the-art innovation in access control a touchless, fully automated and self-contained access control unit.  Principally designed for smarter, faster, and safer access control solutions across the construction sector.

Safe operation and compliance with SOP’s

In 2021, businesses in every industry faced unexpected challenges. Whilst several industries thrived during these difficult times, others suffered trade restrictions, drastic drops in demand, and reduced availability of goods, services, and workers. The Covid-19 pandemic presented significant challenges globally for the construction sector. Therefore, in a landmark project such as this, it was key to get back on track, safely & efficiently.

Enlisting the use of the inteliPod access control unit enabled Andrew Scott Ltd to continue working during Covid-19, ensuring safe operations for their workforce, subcontractors, and clients.

Whilst the industry took steps to make sites Covid safe, transmissions continued to rise outside the workplace. Whilst self-isolation rules were preventing staff from attending work, staff shortages were rife, putting production at risk and constantly undermining the sector’s recovery.

The inteliPod offered a solution, a safe point for staff to access the workplace all whilst deterring the possibility of spreading infection, through facial recognition, temperature scanning and self sanitisation. Offering complete compliance with all Standard Operating Procedures and government guidance at the time.

Forward-thinking organisation increasing efficiency through implementation of new technology

This project was certainly a step in the right direction for the construction sector, which has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology. Andrew Scott Ltd are a forward-looking organisation, utilising the inteliPod within this project to both increase on-site efficiency and help meet the increased consumer demand in the UK market.