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THE FUTURE OF ACCESS CONTROL INTELIPOD The inteliPod is a mobile unit providing 100% touch-free access control.
inteliPod securely manages site access and security through the use of
biometric facial recognition hardware partnered with integrated time,
attendance, and CO2 reporting software.


inteliPod, the world’s first patent protected, 100% touchless, innovative, fully automated, self-contained access control unit.  The inteliPod is designed for smarter, faster, and safer access control solutions across multiple sectors including construction, events & rail.

inteliPod provides the pinnacle in efficient site access, virus control, co2 reporting and anti-contamination technology, combined with the best in time and attendance monitoring features. The inteliPod has formed a major part of the protection strategy of forward-thinking organisations to increase organisational efficiency.

The inteliPod allows entry onto the site by 100% touchless facial and body temperature scanning, eliminating the unwanted practice of ‘shared’ cards, fobs, mobile phones, or touch biometric units. The individual is assessed within one second, ensuring they are authorised to enter the site, our facial recognition technology captures and cross-checks a user’s picture, basic information, and CSCS card whilst identifying and that their body temperature is at a safe level to reduce the spread of infection amongst personnel.

The inteliPod comes complete with its own CCTV, Intercom system and stand-alone network, delivered to any site ready for use once powered. Monitoring and virtual management of the inteliPod can be performed by our 24/7 market-leading control centre which offers a huge reduction in staffing costs. View our case study here.

Patents granted and pending: GB2590992B; WO2021/260367A

We can manage all visitors by giving them temporary access whether it is for 24 hours or for a set period of time.  Regional managers can also be assigned to multiple sites so when they arrive at any approved site each inteliPod will recognise them and record their attendance.

The inteliPod comes with a diverse range of features and automated reporting capabilities. From constantly monitoring in real time the number of qualified first aiders and fire marshals available on site to clear and concise CO2 reporting for users and deliveries to monitor all on-site emissions.

The inteliPod can be supplied with various combinations of access points dependent upon the size and footfall of your site.

Touchless Access Control

Innovation & Excellence Award Winners

We are delighted to announce inteliPod has won the prestigious CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021.

WANT TO SEE THE POWER OF INTELIPOD FOR YOURSELF? Watch this short demonstration video and
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  • foto Facial Recognition Faster access, touch-free, the enhanced security features utilised by inteliPod supersede biometrics and ensure only authorised personnel access your site.
  • foto Temperature Screening Utilises state of the art technology to give an early warning against coronavirus and other contagious illness sufferers from entering your site.
  • foto High Security Access Control A combination of facial recognition technology and a remotely monitored customer call point will ensure the highest level of access control to your site
  • foto Virtual Management Solution We can manage everything from our state of the art monitoring station from pre-enrolment, booking in deliveries, reporting, handling communications and monitoring the screening of staff, contractors and visitors.
  • foto INDEPENDENT NETWORKING inteliPod utilises its own network and can be linked to multiple inteliPod Units on larger sites together with existing CCTV systems.
  • foto TIME AND ATTENDANCE MONITORING IPM Group’s inteliPod provides proof of employees’ attendance and hours of work. Full interrogation of data is available to allow monitoring of staff, contractors, and suppliers.
  • foto CO2 REPORTING The inteliPod generates clear and concise CO2 reports for users and deliveries to monitor all on-site emissions.

intelipod UK Construction Week intelipod facial recognition


You may have heard the news recently that standard biometric turnstiles are outdated and a potential health and safety threat due to the high contact touchpoints. Not to mention, they allow people to walk onto site unchecked against potential threats, such as Coronavirus.

As an alternative, many contractors are forced to resort to adding extra measures in conjunction with turnstiles to protect their workers against the real threats we now face, with potential extra costs of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

That’s why inteliPod was born. An all-in-one, 100% touch-free access control system.

See the Difference Between inteliPod and Standard Biometric Turnstiles


Read what our valued clients think about inteliPod

Pexhurst has become a market leader in the provision of high quality, effective and value-added refurbishment and fit-out. Health and Safety together with Environment & Sustainability are very important to us in delivering award-winning quality and service.

We utilised the inteliPod for exactly these reasons, the advancements of Health & Safety and greater security means our staff, client, visitors and suppliers feel safe and the IPM Group team have performed exceptionally well.  Not only does the inteliPod meet Government Guidelines but it is monitored around the clock together with CCTV & Fire Protection providing us with a Site Security, Access & Fire solution.

The Virtual Management Solution that IPM offer is truly amazing, our virtual manager handles all of the pre-enrolments, notifies us within seconds of any alerts and send us daily and weekly automated reporting on Time & Attendance, CSCS cards & Co2 emissions, saving us time and resources on site.

The team at IPM group go above and beyond any other supplier, no request is to much and everything is possible.  They are honest upfront and respond to everything extremely efficiently, we can ask them to attend site on the evening, weekends and an engineer is onsite 7am the very next day.  As a result, we are already talking to IPM Group about another project and believe that our relationship with them will be long-term.

IPM Group are at the leading front for innovation and their inteliPod & VMS has delivered everything plus 100% more than what we expected.



Joe Lewis
Site Manager (Hercules, Bristol)

The Covid-19 pandemic was a big concern for my project and as the 3rd lockdown had just been introduced we were looking at ways to both protect our workforce and to keep the contract running as best as we could, the scheme is to build a new bridge, contract value of £65m.

As soon as the unit was delivered I thought that it was a great idea, no points of hand contact, temperature taken before allowing access to site and also the unit had other uses, checking CSCS and CPCS accreditation, warning of insufficient first aiders or fire marshals on site etc.

The guys at inteliPod assisted us in getting everyone on our site on the system, as normal people on site resisted at first as any change on a construction site is difficult to manage but once the site operatives could see that the concept worked things settled down.

I would highly recommend the inteliPod to any construction site.

Ian Walker
BAM Nuttall

From start to finish, the team at IPM Group have been extremely remarkable, very informative and nothing was too much work. Their engineer James was available on the phone at any time, together with Gugan the Sales Director. W also had regular communications via both email and phone with the Project Manager Chris.  They truly became part of my team during this shutdown and a huge support. We are now looking at replacing our turnstiles with the inteliPod throughout all our sites within Europe.

Alan Cadden
Norbord Europe Limited

The industry is slow to react to innovation but when the industry does move it moves in big leaps and the inteliPod is a great example of that.  Personally, I loved the inteliPod and have recommended it to another couple of my clients as there are so many hidden advantages as well as proving you with peace of mind and safeguarding measures for everyone attending site. InteliPod provided such a great level of control over turnstiles and removing the human guard to ensure access and egress was consistent.  We only then got involved if anyone had a high temperature allowing me to make sure the contractors were running on schedule.  I also noticed a massive increase in improved efficiency for me personally with fewer disruptions.

Alan Johnston
Sackkall Engineering Project Services Ltd


100% Touchless Technology
Facial Recognition
Fully Automated Doors
Body Temperature Screening
Anti-Tailgating Technology
Anti-Virus Misting
One Way System Adaptable for Social Distancing
Processes 600 People Per Hour
Virtual Management Solution - Fully Remove Controled
100% of Site Pre-Enrollments
Cloud Based inteliPro Software
Time and Attendance Monitoring
Fire Roll Calls
Latest Reporting System
Delivery Management
Disabled Access Friendly


Did you know inteliPod could generate significant cost-savings for your project?

Learn how we managed to save one project £148,000 from switching to inteliPod from standard biometric turnstiles.


Integral to inteliPod's anti-virus protection and the ability to prevent cross-contamination is the use of ecoearth in the misting and deep cleaning processes.

Ecoearth is an environmentally safe multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant which is 300 times stronger than bleach whilst being as gentle as water. A ready to use hypochlorous solution that kills 99.9999% of all known bacteria, viruses and spores.



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