IPM Group have the pleasure of announcing that our ground-breaking invention the inteliPod© has won the Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Award for 2021. At IPM Group, we would like to thank both the readers and contributors who nominated us for this award and the panel of judges who selected us to win, and we would also like to congratulate our whole team on this achievement.

At IPM Group, we are ecstatic to receive recognition for our revolutionary access management system the inteliPod©. The inteliPod© looks to change the landscape of access management systems with its intuitive design and functionality. The fully automated in-built touchless technology allows safer, smarter and faster access control solutions across multiple sectors including construction, border control, events, rail and commercial sectors.

inteliPod© provides the pinnacle in site access, virus control, and anti-contamination technology, combined with the ultimate in time and attendance features. The inteliPod© will form a major part of the protection strategy of forward-thinking organisations to combat the new threats we face now and in the future.  The inteliPod© is Covid safe and will reduce bacterial and virus spread in any sector it is deployed.

The inteliPod© allows entry on to site by 100% touchless facial and body temperature scanning, eliminating the unwanted practice of ‘shared’ cards, fobs, mobile phones or touch biometric units. The individual is assessed within one second, to ensure they are approved to enter site, that their body temperature is at a safe level and ensuring they are wearing PPE face mask.

The inteliPod© features go above and beyond to streamline the efficiency of any construction site, border control system, events, rail or commercial sectors. Through the Virtual Management System, we can manage everything from our state-of-the-art monitoring station from pre-enrolment, booking in deliveries, reporting, handling communications and monitoring the screening of staff, contractors and visitors. Furthermore, IPM Group’s inteliPod© provides proof of employees’ attendance and hours of work with full interrogation of data available to allow monitoring of staff, contractors, and suppliers.

At IPM Group we pride ourselves on innovation and we believe the inteliPod© is at the pinnacle of access management control systems and we are extremely proud we have been recognised for this award in Innovation & Excellence.

For more information regarding the inteliPod© can streamline your business’s functionality and efficiency please complete the form here and a member of the team will get back to you very soon.