Last December, BAM Nuttall began work on a significant infrastructure development for Norfolk County Council. The project is one of Norfolk County Council’s most significant infrastructure ventures in recent years and will integrate with several other local development projects set to transform the town of Great Yarmouth. BAM Nuttall was due to begin work on Great Yarmouth’s third river crossing to transform the town of Great Yarmouth during the midst of a third national lockdown. The lockdown presented significant logistical challenges to operate a large site safely and securely.

In order to maintain progress and reach the estimated completed date of 2023. BAM Nuttall reached out us at IPM Group, interested in our most recent development, the inteliPod. An innovation in access control, touchless, fully automated, self-contained access control unit.  The inteliPod is designed for smarter, faster, and safer access control solutions across the construction sector.

For this project, we supplied BAM Nuttall with an inteliPod unit, managed by our Virtual Management Solution (VMS) Team. Our state-of-the-art VMS facility allowed BAM Nuttall to manage physical surveillance tasks remotely from our Head Office-based Control Centre, reducing the need and cost for onsite security personnel. Therefore, eradicating the use for a front-of-house guard. Using this additional feature of the inteliPod, saved BAM Nuttall £45k per year on access control and security whilst providing BAM Nuttall with 24/7 365 days a year support and real-time data.

General Foreman, Ian Walker had this to say about the involvement of the inteliPod in this landmark project.

“The Covid-19 pandemic was a big concern for my project and as the 3rd lockdown had just been introduced, we were looking at ways to both protect our workforce and to keep the contract running as best as we could, the scheme is to build a new bridge, contract value of £65m.

As soon as the unit was delivered, I thought that it was a great idea, no points of hand contact, temperature taken before allowing access to site and also the unit had other uses, checking CSCS and CPCS accreditation, warning of insufficient first aiders or fire marshals on site etc.

The guys at inteliPod assisted us in getting everyone on our site on the system, as normal people on site resisted at first as any change on a construction site is difficult to manage but once the site operatives could see that the concept worked things settled down.

I would highly recommend the inteliPod to any construction site.”


IPM Group are thrilled to be involved with the construction of Great Yarmouth’s Third River Crossing Bridge. Projects like this are more important than ever now as we seek to help the U. K’s economy recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information on inteliPod, please feel free to contact us here and a member of the team will get back to you.