Back in March when the country went into lockdown, IPM embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionise access control for the construction sector. As a supplier of biometric turnstiles for many years, IPM saw the very real health and safety implications with using turnstiles on construction sites, where multiple people were touching the same areas, using shared fob cards and entering sites unchecked against the symptoms of COVID-19 (or any other virus).

In this ‘new normal’ of a COVID-19 landscape, IPM saw the necessity to bring to the market the world’s first 100% touchless access control with built-in facial recognition, body temperature screening, anti-virus self-sanitising and a host of other features you would expect with an access control system, such as time and attendance monitoring, delivery management, CO2 reporting and much more.

Since then, the team at IPM have been working around the clock to bring inteliPod to the market and since its official launch in September, inteliPod has gone from strength to strength, acquiring multiple national contracts in the process.

Among its many unique features, inteliPod also boasts drastic cost savings for users compared to standard biometric turnstiles, especially when working in conjunction with IPM’s Virtual Management Solution (VMS) and IPM’s own cloud-based software, inteliPro-CS. IPM’s Virtual Management Solution allows full access control monitoring, including pre-enrolment, booking in deliveries, reporting, handling communications and monitoring the screening of staff, contractors and visitors, but crucially, it is all done remotely from IPM’s state of the art monitoring station. This reduces or in most cases removes altogether the need for all the additional areas required with standard access control, such as onsite security guards, dedicated cleaners for COVID-19 security, standalone body temperature checks and so on.

Below is a real-life example of just how much inteliPod in conjunction with inteliPro-CS and VMS can save customers. This shows a current inteliPod customer, highlighting their cost reduction compared to their previous access control solution of biometric turnstiles:


Standard Biometric Turnstiles Weekly Costs

Single Turnstiles – £130

Time & Attendance Software – £50

Security Guard – £750*

Subtotal – £930


Covid-19 Additional Costs

Dedicated Cleaner – £570**

Body Temperature Screening – £90

Subtotal – £680


Security System – £350

Total Weekly Costs – £1960


*Security guard based on 12 hours per day for 5 days at £12.50 p/h

**Cleaner based on 12 hours per day for 5 days at £9.50 p/h


How Does inteliPod Differ?

Because inteliPod offers an all-in-one solution, including its very own Virtual Management Solution, it passes on the savings to the customer. Therefore, without the need for onsite security personnel, cleaners to keep the area hygienic and COVID-19-Secure, or separate body temperature screening – the inteliPod produces significant cost-saving opportunities.


Let’s see how inteliPod compares using the same real-life example from the same inteliPod customer:


Single inteliPod Weekly Costs

Single inteliPod – £195

inteliPro-CS Software – £0.00*

Virtual Management Solution – £250

Subtotal – £445


Covid-19 Additional Costs

Self-Sanitising…………………………£0.00 (included)

Body Temperature Screening……£0.00 (included)





Total Weekly Costs………………..£720


*inteliPro-CS software included when VMS is bought as part of the inteliPod package.

**inteliSec – IPM’s next-generation intelligent security system used to CCTV, monitoring and onsite protection.


Total Weekly Savings             £1240


As you can see with this real-life example, inteliPod has significant cost savings when compared to standard biometric turnstiles. For this customer alone, inteliPod generated a cost reduction of £1240 per week or £64,480 over a one-year period.


To learn more about inteliPod, including all the unique features, IPM have produced a short informational video. Click here to view the video and discover how inteliPod can benefit your business.