You may have seen the recent news regarding the growing pressure the Government is facing regarding the protection of construction workers against the risk of COVID-19

There is a growing fear surrounding the working conditions of construction workers on busy building sites and their inability to effectively social distance and maintain a safe working environment whilst working on site.

In a blow to the construction industry, one of the largest companies, Taylor Wimpey, has recently announced they are closing their sites to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Whereas, Government minister Michael Grove has made it clear that work could continue as long as it can be done safely in the open air.

There are clearly some mixed messages, with concerns for safety and the economic impact of closing construction sites.

An architect working on construction projects in London has told the BBC, “Almost everything in the country has shut down or has begun to at least, apart from construction sites.”

He also warned that one of the sites he works on has thousands of people going in and out daily. Which was clearly a concern on how these construction workers can access the site safely.

He further added, “Even though they have added hand sanitiser stations everywhere, people still have to use fingerprint scanners to gain access to the site when they go in or out which seemingly defeats the object of social distancing.

“Everyone is very worried.”


The BBC also sites a builder working in Cambridge, who is currently working on a site with 300 workers in close proximity to each other, “it has a small smoking area, fingerprint turnstiles and a canteen not capable of the social distancing standard”

“The fear of the economic impact is the only reason we carry on.”

Further adding to the debate, Union leaders have raised their concerns regarding the safety of construction workers. With Unite Assistant General Secretary Gail Cartmail saying, “No worker should be put at risk by travelling to work, while on site, in any welfare area or undertaking any non-critical designated work.

“However, with well over a million construction workers being officially registered as self-employed, they have a stark choice of working or they and their families facing hunger.”


It is clear that something needs to be done to protect our construction workers and stop the spread of COVID-19.

IPM Group has been working flat out since the start of lockdown to bring the world’s first touchless access control unit with virus control and anti-contamination technology, combined with the ultimate in time and attendance features.

inteliPod is now ready to be launched across construction sites throughout the country. Making outdated and potentially hazardous fingerprint turnstiles a thing of the past.

inteliPod allows entry on to site by touchless facial and body temperature scanning, eliminating the unwanted practice of ‘shared’ cards, fobs or touch biometric units. The individual is assessed within one second, to ensure they are approved to enter site, that their body temperature is at a safe level and ensuring they are wearing PPE face mask.

inteliPod comes complete with its own CCTV, Intercom system and stand-alone network, delivered to any site ready for use once powered. Monitoring and virtual management of the inteliPod can be performed by IPM’s 24/7 market-leading control centre which offers a huge reduction in staffing costs.


This really is the future of access control. To find out more about inteliPod, please view our website here>>


Information is taken from the BBC article ‘Coronavirus: Construction workers fear for their safety’. To read the full article, please click here>>